Which is better for job opportunities, AWS or Azure?

A career in both the domains is of higher relevance but if we talk about the comparison, I’ll strongly recommend you to go with AWS because Amazon is a pioneer in cloud services, they are the biggest cloud provider in the industry they lead in Cloud Computing in comparison to other cloud vendors like Azure & Salesforce etc., because of their higher scalability with better processing and services migrating capabilities at competitive prices they offer to their clients for which they have more demand in industry and more Jobs Openings for the same.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) was launched in 2006 which fulfilled the enterprise need for on-demand computing platform which hosts a variety of cloud computing services. AWS operates in 16 geographical regions and in 44 availability zones. It has over 200+ services to offer like application services, database, compute, deployment, management, networking, storage, mobile, management, developer tools and many more.

Whereas, Azure was launched in 2010 to provide a competent cloud computing platform for businesses. It was renamed as Microsoft Azure in 2014. It also offers around 100+ services like analytics, compute, networking, storage and on the Internet of Things. Microsoft through its global network of data centers enables building, deploying, and managing applications and services.

Amazon entered cloud when no other tech giant even thought of keeping their storage or remote content. Therefore, it has an advantage over any other cloud vendors, as it has researched as well as implemented more on cloud technologies.

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