Future of Amazon Web Services

What is the future of Amazon Web Services?

The future for cloud is very bright, and as the industry leader in the category, AWS will benefit handsomely. Some things to consider.

  1. AWS is the ecommerce leader,[1] and will continue to drive retail trends across multiple sectors, further driving the growth of Amazon in supply chain and logistics, and ensuring the role of AWS as a critical piece of global infrastructure.
  2. The infrastructure and platform services provided by hyper scale cloud companies like AWS, are mission critical infrastructure for thousands of businesses, and the foundation for the entire tech sector.
  3. And finally, next wave of technology is about data. According to IDC, the total amount of digital data created worldwide will hit 180 zettabytes 2025. Driven by an expected 80 billion connected devices and sensors that same year.[2] And that data needs to be stored. And most of it will be stored in the cloud, because most of the systems and services that can process and analyze that information run in the cloud. Big Data clusters, advanced analytics and BI services, machine leaning, and AI, all provided by companies like AWS are the engines of the Information Age.

The future of AWS is bright. AWS is already more than just a cloud. It has become critical infrastructure for the connected world, and will be one of the major enablers of the next technology wave, data and AI.


[1] Amazon Is The Global E-Commerce Leader

[2] 152,000 Smart Devices Every Minute In 2025: IDC Outlines The Future of Smart Things

Amazon Web Services is the pioneer and still the current leader of the cloud computing market. Many consider AWS the gold standard and bellwether for the industry. AWS is the bar by which all other tech vendors are measuring themselves these days.

And it keeps surging. The question now is: Can anyone catch up to AWS? Or are Microsoft, Google, and others just playing for second place for the foreseeable future?

They’re among the first of many new services and features expected to be introduced at what has become one of technology’s most important events.The pace of innovation with which AWS is delivering is staggering. Websites like CloudRobo help in automating these tasks based on cloud management further accelerating the process.

AWS’s different approach of rolling out tons of new services is disrupting the business from what Jassy calls “the old guard” such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. It is proving to be the winning formula in the high-stakes cloud game that’s dominating the enterprise computing landscape.

In short, the future looks bright!