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Training Courses

Zeedup's course material, various Technology certification exams, are continually evolving. Many students have done different courses on Zeedup. The courses will be updated for free throughout and it is the one stop shop for everything you need to pass the exam. The various programs comprises of a structured learning path designed by leading industry experts.


Getting Started

You will have access to diverse live instructor-led online classrooms, multiple hours of self-paced video content, simulation exams, a community modulated by experts, and other supplies that ensure you accompany the optimal path to your preferred role of professionals. The course contains multiple real-world industry projects that let you work your way through the technical challenges linked with it. You will be exposed to varying tools considerable project experience and numerous simulations to make you job-ready. The aspects that you have spent some of your very valuable time here already reading this description leads us to believe that you will enjoy being a student with Zeedup a lot !

Aws Certifications

DevOps Training

Data Science Training

Programming and Frameworks

Software Testing


IOT Internet of Things

App Development


Web Development & Design