Getting Started in Functional Programming using F#

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Session 1: Getting Started in Functional Programming using F#

Solving complex problems with less code is the beauty of functional programming. But for programmers who are coming from imperative or object-oriented programming background, it is very hard to think from a different perspective and follow the design principles of functional programming.

Functional Programming is not as hard as you think. This talk will help you to demystify the perceived complexities of functional programming and empower you to get started in functional programming using F#.

About the speaker:

Tamizh is a Pragmatic, Passionate and Polyglot Programmer. He started his programming journey at the age of 12, and the passion has not left him since then. He is a Full-Stack solution provider and has a wealth of experience in solving complex problems using different programming languages and technologies. F#, Node.js, Golang, Haskell are some of his favorites. Tamizh is also a functional programming evangelist and authored a book “F# Applied”, a practical guide for web development in F# using Suave.

He works as a Lead Consultant in www.ajira.tech and blogs at http://blog.tamizhvendan.in

Session 2: Server-less Architecture

• What is Server-less Architecture

• Why it is so hot now

• Basic understanding of Server-less architecture

• What azure has to offer

• Understand Web jobs

•  Understanding Azure Functions

•  Web jobs vs. Azure functions

•  Integrate Azure functions with logic apps

•  Run a azure functions

•  Create a azure functions.

About the Speaker

Karthik works as a Web Application Architect in CADS Technologies. He has been in this .Net world for past 11 years. He started his career in .Net 1.1. He has worked in web based technologies from Asp.Net to Angular JS. Has good knowledge in web technologies and a full stack architect who has successfully designed and executed multiple web projects. Has good experience designing solution in azure computing platform. Likes to try new technologies to solve business problems and helps developer to make their life better.