Deploy Applications to AWS Cloud in Seconds

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most favored cloud provider for Dot Net developers because of its flexibility, scalability, and reliability. It is a cost-effective computing resource solution that is designed to assist application developers to host their applications quickly and securely. AWS helps businesses to reduce capital expenses and administrative costs and retains the […]

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Announcing Network Performance Improvements for Amazon EC2 Instances

Amazon EC2 customers can now utilize up to five times higher bandwidth when sending or receiving network traffic between an instance and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) within the same region. They can also utilize higher bandwidth for traffic between instances in different Availability Zones. Until now, such instances were limited to a maximum of […]

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Introducing Amazon Linux 2

Amazon Linux 2 is the next generation Amazon Linux operating system. It provides a high performance, stable, and secure execution environment for cloud and enterprise applications. Amazon Linux 2 will offer extended availability of software updates for the core operating system through 5 years of long-term support and provides access to the latest software packages […]

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