Best Training place for DevOps in Chennai/India

Best Training Institute for Devops in Chennai & India

Thanks Niji for the Awesome write-up in Quora

I’m into technology Blog research for top trending IT technologies emerging in India as well US market.
We pick top training Places ,picked answers from various industry experts,visiting to the training places in person and exploring the quality of the trainers
and Infrastructure.As Devops is now the hot selling cake in the market ,my industry friends were asking me to do a research on Devops training places in India which would help many
Here is the list.

Course Syllabus – Well Defined Course structure
Demo Seesion : Demo Session was good
Course fee : Bit Costly
Lab Sessions : Not sure about how they provide lab session
Training mode : Online /Self paced

2.Zeedup Technologies :
Course Syllabus: Convincing course structure
Demo Session : Was too good
Course fee : Negotiable if people come in group,try talking with the management directly
Lab sessions : They have perfect lab sessions comparing to other vendors
Training mode : Online/Classroom based

3.Edureka :
Course syllabus : Good
Demo session : Very Clear
Course fee : Corporate discounts are available
Lab Sessions : Access available throughout the course
Training mode:Online

4.Intellipat :
Course Syllabus : Pretty Convincing Syllabus
Demo session : Was OK
Course fee : Cheapest of all
Lab Sessions: No idea
Training mode : Online/Classroom Based

Course Syllabus : Good
Demp Session : Convincing
Course fee : Nominal fee
Lab Sessions : No idea on that
Training mode : Online/Classroom

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