7 easy steps to clear AWS Certification

7 Steps to clear the AWS Certification

AWS Solution Architect – Associate Certification is mile stone certification if you are planning to work on AWS cloud.

There are many blogs and material available on the Internet to know the certificate information. Most of them are reliable and give an idea what to learn, and what topics are important to clear the exam. The AWS wants more candidates to clear the exam, to make the AWS be on top of the cloud market as early as possible.

The Cloud market cap shows AWS is and will be there on top 3 Cloud service provider for the long run. This is the good enough reason to become an AWS Certified for enhancing your IT career.

I would suggest 10 steps to clear the exam;

Step 01
Be ready with Study Material

Go to the AWS exam site and download the blueprint. (This has not changed from a long time).Other option is to visit Z-Repository and download all possible AWS Materials you can.It’s Absolutely Free!!!

Step 02
Dedicate time for your study

Dedicate 2 hours daily for your study. AWS says a candidate must have the 1 years of hands on experience, but if you are good at reading and understand the basic concept of the Technical Jargon, then you are good to go for your first exam.

Reading is must, you can’t go away from reading. AWS has the huge reading material and you will learn more things from AWS FAQ than hands on experience.

Steps 03
Note what you have learned in your own language

It is a good habit to mark the important things while reading or note down what you have learned from FAQ (typing on notepad may help in this case, you are away from the pen). Such practice will help you to understand the new terminology and use of the AWS services. Most of the exam scenario question is from AWS FAQ.

Step 04
Learn More, Practice More

More you learn, use that learning in practice. It is good to practice more with free AWS account. AWS allows you to open a free account on the cloud with free tier to use multiple services. Take the advantage of the free tier.

If you’re enrolling with Zeedup you can get access to paid credentials with manuals to practise.

Step 05
Understand the Cloud Architecture

The AWS provides multiple cloud services, combining those in can be used to make an Architect for any business need. Understanding the example of the existing AWS Architect can help to know the service and practical use of those served in the business.

Step 06
Build your own Architecture

While learning the AWS Architecture, start building your own Architecture. Learn from Step 05 again and again till you understand or use all services to prepare yourself for the exam.You can Build your own infrastructure using Z-Draw.

Step 07
Join or watch AWS Re-Invent

AWS reinvent is the platform created by AWS to explain the AWS cloud service and use of new services in business. This platform invites the AWS cloud service users to explain their success stories. It helps to know how AWS service can be used in the actual world.

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