Success isn’t easy to achieve. The path may be right in front of you but the destination is hard to find. Here are ten words to swear by that will take you where you want to go.

1. Happiness is not just a feeling; it is a way of life. You cannot taste success until you’re happy doing what you do. Loving what you do is half the battle won.

2. You’ve got to believe. Belief is the only thing that is strong enough to change fate. If youbelieve it can happen, it will.

3. A life lead without any ambition is devoid of any purpose. Your sight of all the things youcould be is what is going to take you to the top.

4. Whatever you do, give it your best, as if it were the only thing you ever wanted to do. Yourdesire to make it work can make anything in the world possible. Like Joseph Campbell oncesaid, “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond theirfailures.”

5. Find that one thing that moves you, that inspires you. That ultimate inspiration will guideyou home.

6. If you decide, there is nothing you cannot do, nowhere you cannot be. Never let anyone tellyou otherwise. You have all that it takes to be a leader, to be the most successful man ever.Confidence will take you places. If you do not take pride in your own strengths, nobody everwill.

7. Your integrity is something you must never compromise on. Your road to success may beeasier without ethics, but they are what will separate you from the rest.

8. Set a vision for how you want your life to be. Vision is what makes an achiever out of adreamer.

9. Learn to say yes. Seize every opportunity and the world will unfold itself right in front ofyour eyes. There’s so much that can happen. You just need to be ready to take the plunge.

10. Humility is a sign of a successful man. Never think you’re great enough to not learnanything new. You could lose all in a moment. Humility is an asset that will help you get upand get going once again.

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